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5.11 HRT Tactical Watch article @ DefenseReview

by Arnie

Mike over at Edgar Brothers has sent over a link to an article covering the new 5.11 Tactical watch (over at Defense Review) that’s due out this year.

When I ran into Bill Berry, 5.11 Tactical Series’ Executive Director and all-around great guy, at their booth, he said “David, I’d like to show you something.” He was sporting a rather large grin on his face, as he said this. He then brought his wrist up into my view, and on it was this cool-looking sports watch that looked like a diving watch (As it happens, you can dive with it, since it’s water-resistant to 100 meters.). He immediately started punching numbers up on it, and that’s when I felt a fairly large grin forming on my face. Right in front of my eyes, Bill was punching in calculations, as if he were working a computer. In fact, that’s exactly what he was doing.

As it turns out, 5.11 Tactical Series and Horus Vision, LLC have teamed up to design and develop a ballistic computer in the form of a titanium-cased divable sports watch for long-range interdiction specialists (i.e. snipers), and, well, it’s REALLY cool. With the H.R.T. Tactical Watch/Ballistic Computer, a military Special Operations (SPECOPS) sniper, law enforcement (LE) sniper, or civilian competitive (or recreational) long-range shooter can…

calculate all their come-ups really quickly and easily. The best part is, the 5.11 Tactical Series H.R.T. Tactical Watch/Ballistic Computer puts this capability all right there on their wrist, for them. So, they can take their ballistic computer with them anywhere. And, it even tells the time! When Bill let me strap it on my own wrist, my smile became even broader. David Crane, ( Defense Review )

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