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  • M4 cqb site new 30m range
    I believe it’s the only 30m range for airsoft in HK. Sniper will love this sits.
  • 2014 Sep M4新CQB場其他設施
    M4 cqb range also have DIY room, spray room for hire
  • 2014 Sep M4 新Wargame 場
    M4 cqb site+ range practise
  • SAA 皮holster CRW airsoft
    You can preorder this right or left hand, black, red, or brown leather
  • The Shooter’s Mindsets own Anthony Cruz
    TSM was in the house at Okeechobee Sports today..
  • Airsoft EGLM with TAG Shells
    The original manufacturer in Russia:
    In the UK:
    In the US:

    Unfortunately opportunities to video the usage of these 40mm launcher shells from Airsoft Pyro are limited so I can only apologise for not managing to catch the view of the actual projectiles going off, but since it was a bright day and there’s hardly any visual flash that’s just the way it went I’m afraid.

    I was firing the so-called ‘Reaper’ rounds which are 1 of 4 different options available for the TAG system. These ones make a loud report and fire out a few dozen plastic BBs once they’ve been flying for around 3 seconds. They’ve got a very straight flight path and are easily capable of over 100m of range, making an excellent pyro display addition to any airsoft game, especially milsims with specific set pieces.

    The actual item that is launched is made of a super light weight expanded foam material with a thin nose cone, they’ve been tested with direct shots against human targets at close ranges and due to the feather-light material used they remain quite safe with a very low impact energy. You’d still feel it, but these rounds are not capable of causing any more damage (through either physical impact or the pyro flash) than a hand thrown Blank-fire grenade or Mk5 Thunderflash cardboard pyro, both of which are common in airsoft.

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  • Red Storm West – Part 2 [Boots on the Ground] Airsoft
    This is our second part of our new Boots on the Ground series from Red Storm West. More episodes will be coming soon and stay tuned to Evike TV.

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  • Players Perspective – Krytac Trident M4 SPR & Ares Amoeba AM-013 – Airsoft GI
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    The New Krytac Trident M4 SPR and Ares Amoeba M4 13" Carbine Modular RIS AM-013 are two of the newest airsoft guns to be hitting the airsoft market. Bill and Marq give their thoughts on these two newcomers and what they offer to fellow airsoft players.

    The Krytac Trident M4 SPR offers extremely high end performance and internals with lots of range right out of the box. It is also very lefty friendly with ambidextrous controls and allows for a wide array of battery options with the Krytac stock. This gun is sure to be a heavy competitor at outdoor fields.

    The Ares Amoeba M4 is a highly anticipated gun that has been featured in many video games and movies over the past few years due to its unique look and design. Not only does it look aggressive, but it is very functional too as it houses the impressive Ares Amoeba gearbox with built in electronic control unit, mosfet, steel gears, full metal tooth rack piston, and microswithch.

    Which one is would you pick? Comment in the section below tell us your thoughts on these awesome new guns!

  • A&K Full Metal SPR MOD 1 Carbine AEG | AMSTV

    The NEW A&K SPR MOD 1 Full Metal AEG is part of A&K’s new line of completely redesigned, performance oriented, metal body AEGs. These NEW A&K AEGs are built to the same performance standards as other top tier airsoft guns costing nearly twice as much. These A&K AEGs not only feature top of the line performance in a durable metal body, but also include everything you will need to start using the rifle! The A&K SPR MOD 1 includes a battery, charger, and a vertical fore grip! The SPR MOD 1 AEG packs a huge punch in a maneuverable and compact size,
    shooting consistently over 400 FPS! The SPR MOD 1 AEG is sure to stop the opposition dead in their tracks!

    A&K Full Metal Airsoft SPR MOD 1 Carbine AEG – Full Metal Gearbox – See more at:

  • XWarrior/CORE BB’s and KRYTAC CRB Shoot ‘n Show with THUMPY
    Got a few shoutouts to our buddies at XWarrior and CORE Airsoft BB’s, and KRYTAC, with a SHOOT ‘N SHOW with new products! THUMPY LIKE!

    CORE & XWarrior Airsoft Products:


  • Light & Mighty: Action Army AAC 21 – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    A lightweight, gas, bolt action sniper rifle is a rare commodity these days and the AAC 21 Gas Bolt Action Sniper Rifle fits that bill. On paper, it’s smooth, consistent and a real competitor in todays Gas Snipers market but does Tim agree? Find out by watching this episode of RedWolf TV!
  • LBX Assaulter Uniform Review | Combat Clothing, Elevated | Airsoftology
    With so few quality choices in combat uniforms that fall under $300 and aren’t overseas knockoffs, LBX Tactical has stepped up to add their offering into the small (but needed) price-point… But does it hold up to the competition?

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