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Latest releases and parts

by Arnie

For those of you crying out for a “man’s Glock” (yes we know who you all are wink ), the new straight frame KSC G34 HW is now up on ClubMichelle’s pages. Priced at 19,425 Yen the new G34 is a ported long slide version of the previously released straight framed Glock 17.

For those of you with TM mini AEG G18C pistols looking for more bits and bobs to strap onto your new toy, well look no further as there’s a 100 round extended magazine coming in the middle of March for your electric pocket rocket. Price is not that clear at the moment but it should be around 2,500Yen or so according to First Factory.

Over at X-Fire they’ve added a new replacement pin (set pin-u) for the Type-96 rifle from APS. They detail on their pages that the new pin is stronger and reduces the chances of it failing in an upgraded rifle because of its build and that it’s slightly longer than the stock part. Oh there’s also a new 6.05mm barrel for the CAWM24 there too.

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