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Some updates from the globe

by Arnie

Well TokyoMarui have added news to their site and confirmed that their GBB P226 will be released on the 14 of April, you can see their own page for the release here. If you want to pre-order the piece, AirsoftDynamics are retailing the P226 pistol at 115UKP and are charging 25UKP for spare mags.

Over at Big-Out (Japan) they’ve posted news of a lanyard style power cord for TM’s electric G18C. Not a bad idea I think that one, as with a decent external pack you’ve probably got the most reliable backup piece you could wish for. They’ll be selling the complete kit and instructions to fit one yourself for around 5,000 Yen, and if the Big-Out model doesn’t make it to places that export the the West I’m sure someone will produce a very similar design shortly that does.

ClassicArmy have updated their website with a leaflet for their M15 CQB and also a poster for the CQB.

Over at Craft Apple Works they are selling some custom MEU pistols that they’ve worked on. There aren’t going to be many made available so if you’re lucky enough to be able to order direct you’ll have to move fast. The custom pistols sport accurate decals on both the early and late models including Springfield markings and retail at around 24,000 Yen.

At ClubMichelle there’s two mini reviews of some new replica grenades that are available. I’m not familiar with them myself, however they the designs look to be Japanese in origin (there’s one here, and another here).

Meanwhile over at Depot53’s news and review area they’ve added details that they’ve expanded their site with technical manuals for readers, plsu added some news about some training manuals and details on the GuayGuay M14 AEG.

The guys at Nato-Works are making some custom PA-MAS pistols that are the French variant of the M92. The pistol is based on the KJ Works full metal M9 to make their life easier, which is understandable as there’s no point reinventing the wheel. No details on cost yet, but the pistol shoudl surface at your local HK dealers and suppliers shortly.

Troy Industries seem to be a popular ‘gucci’ firm to copy at the moment, which is quite understandable I guess as their gear is very different and does look quite nice so long as you don’t mind rails. Over at Armored Gallery they have two new productions that are Troy Industries varients by the name of the CQB-SPC A4 and A5.

In website updates the guys at AirsoftRetreat have added a review of a RockMount bipod written by joesnuffie. If you’re looking for a bipod and are on a budget then this could be the one for you.

I’ve just upgraded my VSR-10 to 550 FPS and next on my list was a bi-pod. I was in WalMart looking for new rings for my scope when I noticed a new product on the shelves in the firearms accessories department – the RockMount bi-pod.

I picked it up and looked it over, making sure it would fit my VSR-10. The VSR-10, as well as many other airsoft sniper rifles and real rifles, have a steel sling mount eyelet where you would attach a sling. This eyelet is also where many bi-pods will attach. This particular bi-pod is the type that fits into this eyelet and not a RIS. After seeing that it would be a perfect fit, and that the price of $39.99 was cheaper than anywhere I’d been looking online, I called a friend who also wanted one and I bought the last two.
joesnuffie, (AirsoftRetreat)

there’s loads more to add.. but I’m running short on time. More later

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