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I-ARA.org (International Airsoft Retailer Association)

by Arnie

So you’re looking to make a purchase and not quite sure where to turn? Well WGCShop had a really good idea back in 2002 and setup I-ARA.org (International Airsoft Retailer Association). The idea behind the site’s creation was pretty simple; initially the site was designed to facilitate the sharing of information between members, specifically individuals that were blacklisted from trade normally because of suspected fraudulent activity and to share information about new products.

The system has evolved into more than that though, and has become a form of “seal of approval” for bonafied retailers. Do bear in mind that if someone’s not listed on there it doesn’t mean that they aren’t trustworthy, they might not know about the system or not be interested in the sceme for their own reasons, but for a consumer it’s a handy point of reference.

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