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Referee vests at D.E.D.

by Arnie

Daniel Hazlehurst (D.E.D. USA) has sent over some more news about the electric hit detection vests that they are going to be stocking over in the USA:

Hello Airsofters,

Dedusa.com is officially starting to take Preorders for the IDS REFEREE as of 4/02/05!

The IDS REFEREE is a revolutionary gaming vest that eliminates the need for human referees in the sport of Airsoft and Paintball. The T&T IDS REFEREE will identify the kinetic energy of Airsoft & Paintball ammunition the instant the projectiles impact on one of the sensors located in the vest or helmet. When a sensor is hit, the T&T IDS REFEREE activates an acoustic and visual alarm (a buzzer and/a LED) for a time period of 90 seconds. There are three distinct models of the T&T IDS REFEREE. The first model is the IDS REFEREE MOLLE; this model is designed to work in conjunction with all current MOLLE Vest systems. The second model is the IDS REFEREE VEST; this model is a complete vest and sensor system. The third model is the IDS REFEREE HELMET. Each model is designed to activate independent of the other models, but all three models may be combined to form the T&T IDS REFEREE TOTAL GAMER. (Copyright 2004-2005)

MSRPs are as follows:

IDS Referee MOLLE 99.99USD,
IDS Referee Vest (black or camo) 150USD, IDS Referee Helmet 109.99USD

For game promoters and field owners: The IDS Referee now transmits to a PC. This allows fields to:

Host a Wild West quick draw competition and determine who hit who first
Have field tournaments without the worry of human error or persons
Have all AEGs turn off when the IDS Referee is activated
Plus a whole lot more!

IDS Referee Transmitter Vest (black or camo) 299.99USD
IDS PC Game System 234.99USD (must be used in conjunction with transmitter vest)
IDS AEG Shutdown 99.99USD. Daniel Hazlehurst, (D.E.D. USA)

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