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SoftRAM kits now at RAP4

by Arnie

RAP4 are now stocking the SoftRAM kits that we mentioned a while back in their RAP4 Airsoft section. The adapter kit is dead easy to install and converts a standard paint RAM into something a little more useful to your average Airsofter. If you like gas rifle systems but aren’t too keep on external gas systems or the older classic out there this might be for you:

Introducing the next generation of realistic war games and combat training: RAP4 AirSoft Systems and Kits. […] regular AirSoft products are normally manufactured out of plastic unless you willing to pay for an expensive upgrade.

On the other side, standard paintball guns have their own set of potential difficulties. They are typically bulky, and make use of ammunition that immediately changes shape and becomes unusable when exposed to moisture.

Conversely, RAP4 AirSoft Systems have a all-metal construction, giving them the weight and feel of a standard, real-world assault rifle. They are also waterproof, meaning your training or game will be able to continue under any weather or environmental condition. RAP4 AirSoft Systems can even be completely submerged in water and still be fully operable. […] RAP4 AirSoft Systems use CO2 to operate and are capable of putting out more than 400 feet-per-second of power, providing groupings of 7 inches at over 50 yards. This level of power and accuracy – not to mention dependability and durability – will take your training and war games to a whole new level.

This is the long waited conversion kit that convert your RAP4 into a high power AirSoft rifle. The kit comes with everything you need for action.

This kit comes with a RAP4 A1 6mm barrel, all you have to do is swap the barrel and insert the adaptor and you are ready to rock and roll.

Effective range approx. 90 yards.

The package includes:
1 x Airsoft conversion kit adaptor,
1 x RAP4 A1 6mm Barrel System,
1 x 30 rounds magazine
and 1 x manual, taking less than five minutes to install in your own rifle. (RAP4 Airsoft)

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