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First thoughts on the Guarder Shooting Chrony

by Arnie

Are you interested in the Guarder Speeder 2000 chrony? Well Carl (that’s the fella behind AirsoftInnovations) has posted his thoughts over at AirsoftCanada after playing with one of the new models:

First impressions is that it’s pretty nice. It includes an internal rechargable battery which is good and bad. Good because an internal pack makes for a nicely integrated device. Bad because if you forget to charge it for awhile you can’t just put in a fresh 9V, you have to use the wall wart adaptor that they include. At least the adaptor is a nice small switch mode power supply that only occupies one electrical socket. It doesn’t block off two plugs like the big heavy transformer warts that are slowly being phased out.

Of course I pop off the cover in the first 5 min of ownership:

Nicely soldered boards. Clean silkscreened traces and surface mount components. They use a configurable microcontroller that they burn instructions to as opposed to a bunch of descrete components (indiv’ logic chips). Not as cheap or super high run as a custom chip, but a good choice for medium run stuff that you want to launch quickly… Carl (aka MadMax on the AirsoftCanada discussion boards)

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