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TAX MAN Half Life 2 LAN/Airsoft Event

by Arnie

Jason (aka Hellmutt) over at Battlesim.com/NWTactical has sent over word of a LAN and Airsoft party that’s goingto be held over at NW Tactical in Kent, WA. Here’s all the details (images from last event):

We are holding a Airsoft and LAN Party on April 15 at NW Tactical in Kent, WA.
NW Tactical is an indoor military and law enforcement training center that we
have a special arrangement with to hold LAN Party & Airsoft events. Participants can play airsoft games with realistic airsoft weapons or they can play
on their PCs in our LAN. This is a very unique type of LAN party. We think that this
would be a great event for you to feature on your site.

Battlesim.com presents: HL2 AIRSOFT & LAN PARTY
WHAT: LAN Party and Airsoft Event
WHERE: NW Tactical – Kent, WA
WHO: Battlesim.com
COST: $60-$80 – Airsoft/LAN | $25 – LAN ONLY | $40-$55 – Airsoft ONLY
REGISTER: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaID=84837

Gear required: LAN Event: Computer, headphones, power strip, ethernet card and cable Airsoft Gaming: Airsoft gun, Sim Body Armor, Head/Face/Elbow/Knee protection

In addition to several military trainers who will hold a class on entry methods, we also
have 3 developers coming from Valve to the event:

John Morello II – Animator / Game Designer.Originally from Chesapeake, Virginia, John came to Valve via the MOD community.
As lead animator and designer on Day of Defeat, John has spent the majority of the
past few years modeling and animating the objects and characters in the popular
WWII themed online game.

Martin Otten – Software Developer. Martin comes to us from Germany where he attended Dortmund University earning
a masters degree in computer science. He is best known for programming Argus
(for Quake) and Half-Life TV (as a contractor for Valve).

Kelly Thornton – Sound Engineer / Game Designer. Kelly arrived at Valve via the Half-Life mod community. While earning a Masters degree
in Business at UM-St. Louis, he helped develop and did sound work for Day of Defeat.
Seeing video game development and sound engineering as the obvious natural
progression to come out of an MBA and an undergrad degree in biology, he packed
his things and headed west to Valve.

Groups of 4 or more will be extended special pricing of $60 for Airsoft & LAN. So if you can get 4 friends
together you can save $80 on standard admission.

Sign up will begin March 21 and end April 8. Call or email NW Tactical for more information – 425-251-0498 Jason, (NW Tactical)

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