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More TM M14 details coming shortly?

by Arnie

It looks like TokyoMarui may well be spilling some more beans on their M14 AEG project. No doubt the recent announcements from Guay Guay and Guarder/Star concerning their own models have spurred things along at the TM camp somewhat. TM are due to exhibit at an event (ShotShow?) in Osaka on the 2nd and 3rd of April and also at the Spring GekishinMatsuri ToyGun Bazaar on April 16/17. Apparently the SIG P226 and the M14 will be shown off. I should point out that the words "first general release" are mentioned BUT it’s hard to see if they are specifically referring to the M14 or not.

Shown over at TM’s pages is the above image of the upcoming TM M14 AEG, which shows off some prototype parts including the metal receiver and trigger guard. At least there’s proof that there’s more there than just the de-act that’s been seen at other tradeshows so far. Thanks go out to Chuck (aka Stone of TeamStrikers for the link/details)

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