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New ultimate MIL-SPEC spring series for AEGs

by News Fairy

ASG have a new line of ultimate MIL-SPEC springs for AEGs:


Discover our new ULTIMATE MIL-SPEC AEG springs. Our new series of AEG springs consists of five MIL-SPEC springs, ranging from M95 to M135 – All colour coded for easy recognition.

The calibration test has been carried out on a 6.03-300mm barrel  with fitting cylinder. Zero Hop-up with 0.20g BBs.

•    Military specification steel spring – SiCr, Best possible steel for springs

•    Progressive coiling – provides a soft start which eases stress  on both mechanical and electrical parts

•    Closed and grinded ends – stable straight ends minimizes side bending which reduces ROF loss

•    Pre-compressed – greatly reduces power loss from initial shrinkage

•    Black zinc plating – corrosion protection which does not impair spring performance

•    Full specification control – secures exact same specification at every spring

•   Colour coding – for easy indication of individual spring grade



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