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Alamo Airsoft now Airsoft KGB

by Arnie

Dave’s dropped in quick word to say that Alamo Airsoft is now being run by the guys from TeamKGB. You can find dates for the site on their site here. Here’s the news:

TeamKGB have moved hosts – and taken over the running of Alamo Airsoft in Cornwall.

Airsoft KGB is staffed and marshalled by members of Team KGB. Between them they have a variery of Airsoft experience – some dating back 20 years to when Airsoft as a hobby first began!

We also have ex-members of the UK armed and police forces as well as some members on active service with the Royal Marines. We have fully qualified first aiders and a formally trained Health & Safety representative on site.

As such, we offer high standards of marshalling and sportsmanship as well as “on the game training” from those who’ve done this for real. The vast wealth of experience means that we’re able to make this knowledge relevant to Airsoft. We aim to give people an intensely stimulating experience that whilst not fully “mil-sim” is definitely a world away from speedball. We have a policy of actively coaching and aiming to improve people’s CQB, Woodland and team skills.

With 3 specialised Airsmith’s on site you’re also going to be able to draw on their wealth of experience and troubleshooting with everything from blown gears to upgrading your kit.

So please, come and see us and say over at http://www.teamkgb.co.uk Dave, (TeamKGB)

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