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CS.org update on politics

by Arnie

I do my best to avoid politics as it’s one subject that no matter which angle you cover it from you’re hard pressed to please everyone all the time; if there was any hair on my neck it’s stand up whenever the word was mentioned in polite conversation. Random burblings aside though, and back to the topic at hand, Steven Kendrick over at Cybershooters has sent out a quick message through the CS newsletter contact list with a couple of links to some pages over at CS.org, notably his April update:

[…] assuming shooting is a voting issue for you – who do you vote for? I’m afraid there is no easy answer to this, and perhaps there shouldn’t be, because it gets you involved in the political process. What you have to do is contact all the candidates in your area that actually have some chance of winning, find out their views, and pick the best one. Be it Labour, Conservative, or Liberal Democrat (or someone else). Even if they are all useless, the fact that you phoned or visited and asked will be recalled by the candidate, and that is perhaps one of the most positive outcomes. Steven Kendrick, (Cybershooters)

Personally I prefer episode 808 of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s South Park cartoon myself as I believe it covers the issue at hand quite well. In all seriousness though Steve makes a good point, if you are interested in shooting matters (in any form) why not get involved in the political process rather than taking an apathetic stance and at a minimum vote for someone that you feel is at least aware of your opinion and thoughts on matters that mean something to you?

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff take a look at this wierd Japanese watch, and the latest in exoskeleton technology (yes, finally there is a solution to allow you to carry two of Paul Piper’s M134’s) – links courtesy Dom’s page over at Epicycle – go on visit his page and read the current news he likes it when his stat counter goes ‘bing’ wink.

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