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Airsoft Innovations V4 adapter now out

by Arnie

Carl (Airsoft Innovations) has launched the fourth version of his propane adapter and being the nice chap that he is has sent over the first shots of the new design. The new design incorporates a high visibility protective cover, and is now an all-in-one design so you’re less likely to lose component parts in your kit bag:

After much sweat and toil, Airsoft Innovations is pleased to release a fourth version of it’s adaptor in under a year. Version four includes improvements based on customer feedback:

– Single piece design (no assembly)
– Plastic cap which protects probe
– Strengthened probe design

It’s the shizzle! Carl, (Airsoft Innovations)

If you’re not quite sure on what the adapter does, please be sure to read the full article on site here that covers the new adapters (update to cover v4 to follow). If you’re in the UK you can buy direct from Airsoft Innovations in Canada by Paypal and have your adapter in a matter of days. I don’t know of any local stockists yet but as soon as I do I’ll add them here.

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