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BigOut ‘sector tip’

by Arnie

Over at BigOut in Japan they’ve been producing some quite intersting looking internal addons. Whilst not being the largest upgrade part to grace a gearbox they look to be a farily well thought out design and the perfect addition for AEG perfectionists.

The BOS-202 is a sector tip for the version 6 Marui gearbox (as seen in the Thompson/P90) and it helps reduce stress on the feed mechanism by controlling the tappet plate and thus nozzle movement in a more refined manner. The new BOS-202 looks to be designed to fit stock gears and needs to be fitted yourself, although if you’re in Japan you can pop in to get it fitted yourself at their store. BigOut also make a similar upgrade part for the ver2/3 gearboxes. RRP for this itty bitty piece of machined brass is 1,260 Yen.

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