AirsoftGi store set to open 19/5

Airsoft GI are opening a new store in California (2116 Hacienda Blvd,
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745). The store was still being fleshed out while I was there, plus it’s all completely new so you’ll forgive the odd empty space on the wall, but Walter has been working hard (and many hours) to get the store to where it is now.

While I was over at Walter’s new shop I had a chance to get some shots of the new Trigger Happy T910 launcher fitted with a MadBull BB Shower unit. The grip is well built and from the outside you’d be hard pressed to see that it’s not a lamp unit, there’s even LEDs and grip panels built into the grip itself. Build quality and moulding are top notch (see for yourself in the shots below) and the T910 retails for 168USD.

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