Mapping updated to include UK POIs

GPS geeks can rejoice as I’ve expanded the Find It! system here that I’m using to plot the weblinks database onto the world map. You can now download UK POI (Point of Interest) databases that have been encoded to be suitable for TomTom Navigator from the site.

The easiest way to grab the data is by grabbing yourself a copy of POIEdit and pointing the "autoupdate manager" section to POIEdit will automatically keep your GPS/PDA files up to date for you. It downloads the files either locally, or to your GPS units storage card, you then just enable them in TomTom. If you just want the ov2 files and overlay bitmaps, check in the XML file itself and grab the links you need from there.

Only the UK site/retail/equipment/supplier maps have been encoded at the moment. It’s a relative breeze to code the USA now (after putting the groundwork into generating the code to output the TomTom ov2 fileformat), so they can be added if there’s a demand for them. The data is compiled from the database, and updated automatically when new submissions crop up. Please stick comments/suggestions/nags in this thread in the forums.

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