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Forums and server updates… still in progress

by Arnie

Well the updates are going well, the bulk of the front page work is done for the news system, the last part is upgrading our forums. this is taking time, because… well we have a huge forum.

To put it in context for everyone, we have 2.5 million posts, 750,000+ reputation rows, and a half-million PM’s stored. All of this needs to be updated and a large bunch of scripts run to bring the data in line with the new forum software version.

I’ll then have some the look and feel of the forum to tweak but we’ll make the new system live as soon as the functionality is there and it’s all secure. We can happily tweak the look with it live.

The technicians at Interworx aren’t able to commit the time until Monday to finish the updates for us; it requires their expertise and support as the software is theirs and they know the ins and outs of their software and also the solutions to the pitfalls. I expect us to have the forums online by Monday night now. In the meantime I’m going to prep the rest of the updates so they are good to go. Sorry folks, but we’ve outgrown the hardware we have, the OS and the software versions, it’s all being updated at once.

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