SL8-1 and SIC93 at Sanken

Gunshop Sanken have news of a new SL8-1 kit for the TM G36c from PDC. Unlike other kits out there this one provides a replacement for the main body as well, although markings can’t be made out in the shots available.

There’s also shots of Tanaka’s new M93r copy – the SIC93. The SIC93 comes with a 36 shot magazine, is made of heavy weight ABS and is a replica of the 1st version M93r. There are no markings on the pistol even for the fireselect although the safety mechanism has the red dot decal inset. Semi and triple shot can be seen, automatic fire cannot be confirmed.

RRP for the SIC93 is set at 13,800 Yen and the price for the SL8-1 kit is 49,800. Oh the SL8-1 comes with two magazines in the box too

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