Zero One: news 10/05/18 G&G back in stock

Zero One Airsoft have restocked on their G&G kit:

We have just had a MASSIVE G&G re-stock here at Zero One, including the much sought after TR16 MBR AEG, in both 556 & 308 versions. These MBR’s also feature the NEW Gen 2 ETU’s !


Our full range of "in stock" G&G AEG’s can be found here, and there is something for all budgets & tastes. Oh, and if your doing a British Army load out, all of our G&G L85’s are currently on sale.

The three, TR16 MBR models can be found here:

Also, don’t forget, we are still running our Stock Exchange sale, with some crazy prices and amazing bargains to be had !!

Rich Torpey, (Zero One Airsoft)

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