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MEC M-Valve, R-Type piston head & Pro Trigger at PTS soon

by News Fairy

PTS Syndicate have shared details of some of the MEC products they will soon have in stock:

MEC is coming to PTS very soon!
Check out the 3 Products from MEC NOW!


The MEC M-Valve which can manage to increase gas efficiency. Constructed by high strength brass, it also minimizes the gas loss to fasten the entire cycling. Performance is more significant with steel slide pistol.
• High Strength Brass Construction
• Stainless Steel Valve Button
Item Code:
• ME101490300 – KWA/KSC Pistol, MP7, MP9 GBB
• ME108490300 – TM MWS, Hi-CAPA GBB
• ME109490300 – TM G17 GBB


The MEC R-Type piston head for Tokyo Marui / KWA pistol GBB is an improvement over the stock one that comes with the pistol. This particular revolver’s cylinder-front-view design brass piston head equipped with a 6-hole air intake in order to improve the airtightness and air sealing with the included O-ring (including 3 size of O-ring: red, black and green).
• Reinforced with brass.
• O ring for better air seal.
Item Code:
• ME102490300 – Marui-14
• ME103490300 – Marui-15
• ME104490300 – KWA-14
• ME105490300 – KWA-15


The MEC Pro Trigger will enable a trigger pull closer with ease. The straight trigger blade design provide a short pull geometry.
• Steel alloy construction
• Straight trigger blade design
• Short pull geometry
Item Code:
• ME107490307 – Black
• ME107490346 – Titanium Grey

(PTS Syndicate)

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