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KSC 5.1 TRIARC out 28th Jan

by Arnie

KSC have announced that their TRIARC pistol will be out on the 28th. This appears to be a revised version of their STI lineup. I’ve checked the genuine TRIARC pages and they don’t appear to sell a double stack version of their pistols themselves.

It’s priced at 27,500 Yen and 4,000 Yen for the spare magazines.

STI Inlet Shape 5.1 Slide Heavy Weight Limited Edition A cutting-edge model that combines a tri-arc V2 type HW slide with lightened sides and a bronze-colored barrel that reproduces the latest TiN (titanium coat) treatment, and further upgrades the underrail part to Picatinny style. The awesomeness of the tactical gun is doubled by the operation lever system unified in black and the genuine “STI grip”. It is a high-end model with the potential of an agile System 7 engine.

KSC (translated from Japanese)

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