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Jia Dyi: 4.5mm CO2 Airgun

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Jia Dyi have been taking a closer look at 4.5mm airsoft pistols:

Jia Dyi: 4.5mm CO2 Airgun

Honorable clients,
6mm and 4.5mm are the main calibers in the airsoft market. Although 6mm guns account for the majority, 4.5mm also has its own market, and is particularly popular in some areas. So today we will talk about two Taiwanese brands KLI and KWC that make 4.5mm pistols.

The first coming up is the Baba Yaga Hi-Capa 4.5mm Blowback pistol from Krown Land International (KLI), fans of the John Wick films will instantly recognize this outstanding pistol!

Krown Land International (KLI) is an airsoft manufacturer based out of Taiwan, dedicated to the research of GBB and CO2 system and also carrying out various innovative development. In 2020, KLI has launched a 4.5mm Airgun pistol, which is perfect new choice for users with higher kinetic energy requirements.

Based on an STI 2011, the Baba Yaga is expertly crafted with slide lightening cuts to increases the cycle rate and reduce perceived recoil. The stippled texture will give you a perfect grip without wearing gloves. The extended magazine release helps with dropping the magazine without breaking your grip, and the large flared magwell assists with magazine insertion, helping to guide the magazine into the firearm and faster reloading. The tuned trigger has an incredibly light pull and crisp break.

This CO2 model has reinforced internals to handle higher pressure. This will also increase the velocity to roughly between 330-350fps. The match grade coated barrel offers unmatched accuracy, consistency and reliability. And there are other features include a full length, stainless steel guide rod and fiber optic front sight with adjustable target rear sight.

  • Highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide
  • CNC machined aluminum frame w/ molded reinforced polymer grips
  • Molded Stippling provide a comfortable, slip-resistant grip
  • CNC precision barrel w/ rose gold (imitation Bronze BLC) coating
  • Professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip
  • Flared mag well aids in quick reloads
  • Target style sights w/ fiber optic front
  • Extended magazine release
  • Reinforced nozzle, suitable for Gas, CO2 and HPA

There’s also M92 4.5mm series from KLI in five styles and colors, welcome to check on their website http://www.krownland.com.tw or contact us for more info.

Length : 228mm  Weight : 905g
Magazine Capacity : 20+1 Rounds
Caliber : 4.5mm (0.177”)
[ Max Velocity ]
Stander Barrel : 320fps
Extended Barrel (with suppressor) : 440fps

KWC has produced plenty kinds of 4.5mm models, the classic one M1911, M92 to some special model such as M712, MAKAROV or K75. And the next we want to show you are the UZI submachine gun and PYTHON revolver series by KWC.

The Uzi is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun. The Uzi was one of the first weapons to use a telescoping bolt design which allows the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip for a shorter weapon. Compared with the earlier submachine guns, Uzi has the advantages of being shorter and lighter, easier to operate and low cast. It has become a very effective melee weapon, especially for clearing the enemy in the room, bunkers and trenches.

The KWC UZI submachine gun is powered by CO2 and has an authentic look, feel, recoil, and sound. The design of the weapon retains the detail and authenticity of the original. The heavyweight metal and polymer construction includes durable metal components and blowback action making it even more life-like.

KWC UZI is ready to go in semi auto mode, it can however be easily mod to shoot in full auto. Similar to the original, it has an adjustable diopter rear sight. The model sports a folding stock that helps the balance and stability of the platform, and is adapts to different users and combat situations, quick and practical adjustment. The handle is ergonomic, easily adapts to the shape of the hand, providing a firm “grip” without looseness.

The KWC UZI shoots 4.5mm steel BBs with around 350fps.It’s considered a high-end CO2 BB gun; the model comes with a 25-round single-track magazine that does not have a follower to stop the bolt from continuing to operate even after the magazine is empty. And the CO2 cartridge is located in the magazine itself.

  • Mini Protector submachine gun
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Semi-auto
  • Blowback system
  • 25rd full metal BB magazine (4.5MM)
  • Realistic recoil
  • 71-yd range
  • Folding metal shoulder stock
  • Open sights

KWC Revolver Series
The Python 357 CO2 BB Revolver from KWC is a high quality, full metal CO2 pistol that looks absolutely fantastic, and shoots just as great. There are two colors black and silver in 2.5 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches. With a 6 shot rotating cylinder, which houses 6 shells, this pistol is easy to load making sure your shooting experience is quick and enjoyable. It is powered by 12g CO2 capsule which is housed within the grip, which gives around 50 shots from 1 capsule.

The pistol is very close to the original 357 styled revolver it is based on. Being all metal gives this CO2 BB revolver very realistic weight and feel, and the loadable brass shells make using this gun almost exactly like using a real shell loading revolver but for much less cost per shot and less recoil on the hands. The trigger pulls on the KWC Python Revolver is good in both single and double action, the spring tension that pushes the inner barrel to make contact with the cylinder is noticeably lighter on the KWC 357. The hammer is smoother and has less wiggle.

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

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