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Jia Dyi: New released upgrade parts

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Jia Dyi have been taking a closer look at some newly released upgrade parts:

Honorable clients, Introducing the new released upgrade parts from recently:

The new Acetech Blaster is suitable for standard airsoft and gel BBs. It has three modes available: Tracer with flame, Flame only, Tracer only. The main feature of Blaster is the flame simulation function, simulates muzzle flash, the effect of flame depends on volume of gas or water fog around the muzzle, with more volume, effect will be better. There is intelligent power control, Blaster power on by shaking, enter sleep mode while idle for over 5 minutes.

The tracer function:
Supports green tracer BBs and water BBs, but don’t support red tracer BBs.
The flame function:
Supports all kinds of BBs, different color of BBs will have subtly different flame color.

※ Burst Speed: Up to 35RPS
※ Battery: Li-Ion, charging time 2.5 hours
※ LED power and battery indicator.
※ Certificates: FCC CE ROHS
※ Dimension: Diameter 32mm, length 76mm.
※ Weight: 70g

Armin Lab is a design team from Taiwan, with many years of experience in hardware research and development, and a passion for airsoft. Currently there are tracer unit, chronograph and other products, and will be released one by one very soon. The first launched product is the Flash Nano Tracer Unit.

Rotary switch, the player can turn on/off by directly selecting the switch, instead of the button type. Introduction wake-up function, the product will enter the power-saving model (sleep mode) after standing for 5 minutes; If it senses shaking or raises the gun, it will resume operation node


  1. Support Green Tracer BBs
  2. Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, charging time 1hr
  3. Support up to 35 RPS, 30,000 shots with full battery
  4. User friendly power switch design
  5. Intelligent power saving and turning on
  6. Dimension: length 51mm, diameter 27mm
  7. Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, M14ccw to M11cw thread, Hex Wrench

The M.A.V. 44 system can directly install all the original VSR components-handle, tail’s cover, etc.

Only needs very simple installation steps to turn your VSR into the Max Air Volume bolt-action sniper rifle.

TNT redesigned the length of the groove, the position of piston head O-ring make full use of all the effective air volume in the cylinder, without changing the total length of the cylinder, the effective air volume is increased to the maximum.

The upper receiver, TNT has corrected the common problem of all VSR series all the time: the tolerance problem of the locking groove of the handle.

All screw holes on the upper receiver are made according to MARUI specifications. TNT also added screw holes on both sides to fix the outer barrel to avoid shaking, to ensure that each loading BB can be in the best position, which improves stability…

※ Aluminum enlarged upper receiver x1
※ Stainless steel cylinder body (44.3cc), steel cylinder tail section, steel cylinder head
※ Aluminum enlarged piston body
※ Steel piston tail section, available in 45° and 90°
※ Aluminum piston head (10g), or a steel weighted piston head (30g) can be purchased separately
※ Steel 9mm spring guide (SRS spring or electric gun spring can be used)
※ The trigger assembly fixing screw washer x4 is included to prevent the bolt from being too long and jamming the camera

The T-N.T 2021 new year’s masterpiece, SRS special anti-rotation handle push nozzle assembly. It is a phosphate treated finished product with all medium carbon steel. The push nozzle can be changed to different lengths to achieve different effects. Standard configuration: 16mm / Heavy salty configuration: 15.8~15.6mm

You can adjust the length by yourself. The handle is slightly longer and can exert more force.

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

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