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Specna Arms pistol prototype images in the wild

by Arnie

Specna Arms have shared images of their pistol prototype and some more details on social media. It’s still in the design phase but they say they intend on it being CO2 powered. Obviously it’s a bit Glock like, but they’ve not yet mentioned which setup it will be compatible with or if they’ll make sure it will fit Glock styled holsters yet.

After pictures with the new receiver sample, we have for you a completely new 3D project – Specna Arms airsoft pistol replica.

The visualizations show the prototype, which may undergo some changes, so have that in mind while commenting on it. If you have any suggestions, we’ll be glad to hear them.

Let us share some details on the pistol:
– Based on a polymer frame
– 174 mm length metal slide
– The slide has special cuts for better reload
– The front part of the slide is profiled for easier holstering
– Enlarged and fitted to the line of the pistol grip magazine release
– The slightly elongated beavertail for shooter’s protection against accidental clipping with the slide
– The trigger guard designed to allow a more comfortable grip.

It will be equipped with
– Fiber optic sights
– Cutout for red dot sight (compatibility decision pending)
– Bottom RIS rail
– Overlays on the back of the pistol grip to enhance the grip thickness.

We design the SA pistol to be compatible with internal parts and accessories (e.g., holsters) from popular brands. To facilitate the change of the magazine and improves the grip stability user can mount an optional magwell. Trigger and red dot added only for illustrative purposes. Red magwell was used only for its better presentation in visualizations. Ultimately, it will be dark.

Specna Arms

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