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Jia Dyi: ASCEND DP17

by News Fairy

Jia Dyi have shared details of the new ASCEND DP17 which will be available soon:

Jia Dyi: ASCEND DP17
Honorable clients, June is coming! Get a DP17 for an amazing look and shooting at the same time!!!


* Metal slide w/Polymer Gen 4 Lower Frame
* Velocity: 280 -300 fps w/0.2g BBs
* 6.03 Inner Barrel / Barrel Length: 93mm
* Fiber Optic Sight Set
* Adjustable Hop-up system
* Two Stage safety trigger
* Trigger Lock Safety
* Front lower pistol rail
* Each gun has Individual serial number
* Magazine Capacity: 24+1 Rounds
* included extended filling gas nozzle*1 
* Compatible with both Green Gas and Co2 Magazines

Jia Dyi

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