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LCT Airsoft weekly news

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from LCT Airsoft:

I’m bringing you guys with our lovely German family line back again this week!

Features from LCT LC-3/LK-33/LK-53 Series:

l   High sturdiness 堅固性高
l   Strong durability 耐用度強
l   Full steel made construction 全鋼打造
l   Authentic charging handle 擬真槍機拉柄感
l   Reinforced LC-3 gearbox with 9mm bearings 搭配9mm培林LC-3 gearbox
l   Various LCT modular parts can be applied 可搭配LCT模組化零件使用

More video clips of LC-3/LK-33/LK-53 Series:

Please do not hesitate to contact LCT dealers if you need further information

LCT Airsoft

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