Review: ICS Butterfly Holster

by Arnie

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and completed a lengthy review complete with a video edit and use of YouTube (I had to dig out and dust off my video camera for this one). We’re kick starting a new review section with reviews written by staff members using the new site design. The old review section will of course remain but my intention is to add new reviews and videos on a regular basis here with videos.

Today I’ve published a review of the ICS Butterfly Holster. Included in the review is a quick video review.


image14The Butterfly Holster from ICS is a simple design that allows the wearer to fit it for left or right handed use and to customise the shape for a variety of different sized framed pistols. The holster fits a pistol and two magazines and is easy to wear and remove.

You can find the full review here.

Forgive my simplicity when it comes to video editing. I do promise to improve video quality next time around however our new video camera is due to arrive tomorrow and wasn’t here for this review. I’ve also now received a heap of decent music we can use for the next review, sadly YouTube won’t allow me to strip and replace the audio stream now the video is online…

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