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Some more details on the XM8

by Arnie

Because of the nature of the information that appeared concerning the XM8 (as previously posted) and the lack of information that we could find, I asked Paul at RedWolf if he could ask around, and he generously asked around and spoke to a few people. Here’s the results that Paul came back to me; I’d like to stress that his results are based on the limited information available:

The kit isn’t a PGC product or pre-release. PGC looked into an XM8 but after market research indicated a limited take-up shelved the product after getting no further than the initial CAD research and development. The guys at PGC have seen the shots, but they don’t know anything more about it.

The videos and pictures of the kit seen look genuine, and are almost certainly from HongKong. Based on the background it is likely that the video was shot in a Hong Kong suburbs. As the kit isn’t coming from a known and established manufacturing house you can’t expect a great deal in terms of build quality. We can be certain that someone has hold of some moulding gear, and the finished version seen in the video is almost certainly hand built. The fact that someone is selling it through Japan yahoo means that they have a business registration and bank account over there.

My thanks go out to Paul for doing the research on our behalf. Unless anything else appears that can be traced (someone recognises the person in the video etc) or looked into this is all the information that can be found out at the moment. End result? It’s most likely not a hoax, however it does come from an source unknown to the Airsoft houses in HK.

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