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CQB Scotlands new home

by Arnie

CQB Scotland (http://www.cqbscotland.co.uk) have a new home up at Edzell, here’s the news from the guys there:

CQB Scotland’s new home at RAF Edzell has to be seen to be believed!

RAF Edzell was home to the US Navy security group’s Monitoring Station. The hub of the base is the massive receiver building which has two levels below ground covering tens of thousands of square feet. This would have relayed information to the computer and communications centre, it now provides the theatre for one of the most adrenaline filled CQB fights you’re ever likely to experience!

Above ground the site has multiple extensive buildings with dozens of rooms each and varied layouts (my own personal favourite is the larger pub with inevitable shootouts in the disco).

Below ground though – whoah. Dozens of rooms over thousands of square feet some BIG some smaller, main corridors sections and multiple stairwells, all this in darkness perfect for those tac lights, lasers and awesome CQB action or with sections lit with emergency lighting.

We are playtesting the bunker on 26/05/07 9:00 for 9:30 start with newcomers welcome (short notice I know – sorry) and playing a full weekender above and below ground on June the 9th and 10th.

To chat with some of the regulars, get to know more about pricing and site limits for guns and pyrotechnics or for further information please visit http://www.cqbscotland.co.uk

Thanks muchly, Jamie, (http://www.cqbscotland.co.uk)

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