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New gear from MadBull

by Arnie

Simon at MadBull has mailed in the latest news of the latest gear from them, including new springs and a Novaske licensed sound amplifier:

THE WORLD’s FIRST AMPLIFIER DESIGN FOR AIRSOFT: You can turn up the sound by adjusting the internal tube.

Moreover, by our special design, you can hear the special “Metal-punching” noise when shooting.  Licensed by Noveske. T-shirt and Hats are available at the same time.

Details can be found here. Check the photo, I like the silver color (shiny steel color) most!:

After 100000 times punching, our spring has been proofed that the length and force are still consistent.

Color coating by special process (Not painting.) Made of premium quality German piano wire.

More details here.

0.20/ 0.23/ 0.25 mm
Dia. : 5.98 +/- 0.01mm
Qty. : 4000 rds
Materials: ABS/ Secret Formula
Process: Multi-Polish
Features: Accurate without jamming and smashing.
Double Seal Package

More details here, thanks. (MadBull)

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