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X47 info from RMW

by Arnie

Ting has mailed in regarding the X47 kit from Inokatsu (he also posted this material on his blog):

While I am watching Project Runway, and my wife is bitching about one of the long hair guy. All in a sudden, I got an email from Inokatsu. This is the new coming kit named X47 Super Kit.

I know there is similar product in the market that equips a Armalite stock on an AK body. However, Inokatsu provides the “correct” stamped receiver with the buffer tube now. It also comes with the tacticool trigger guard, bolt carrier and safety lever. It’s 100% Marui compatible. The dream for building a X47 comes true now. Get this kit with G&P metal front set and UFC X47 handguard you will have a full SOPMOD AK that is hot in the city. Price is quite attractive and I will set the price at US$235. With this kit, not only SOPMOD AK can be built, but also Krebs KTR and other tacticool AK is possibile.

Best Regards, Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

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