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Classic Army in talks with Systema

by Arnie

Brad (aka Darkstar) of Airsoft Ohio has sent over interesting news about Classic Army and some possible dealings with Systema that could produce some lower cost yet more advanced Airsoft training rifles:

We were told that Systema has been in talks with Classic Army for a few months now, as CA has expressed interest in Systema‘s new PTWS and it’s gearbox design.  CA has expressed their wished to build out CA PTWS style guns and have Systema provide the gearboxes for their guns.  We were told Systema is considering the offer, but is also considering making a downgraded gearbox geared for the hobbyist market to sell to CA at a lower cost.

While talks are currently in their infancy, it seems promising that something will develop in the coming year.  This would evolve into a lower cost alternative to the PTWS for the hobbyist market, unless Systema decides to crack that market as well.  Systema, however, seems intent on sticking with the law enforcement and military training markets for the time being. Brad (Airsoft Ohio)

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