DyTac now distributing Manhunt products

DyTac have sent over details of the Manhunt Teflon coated AEG cylinder:

Dear Sir, We would like to introduce our newly distribute high quality internal upgrade parts:

saved_resourceMANHUNT is pleased to announce that the newly release TLR (Teflon Low Resistance) Teflon coated AEG Cylinder

What Teflon is ? Beside on well-known cookware, Teflon provide widely used on our common life since it provided one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid, so we decided to coat Teflon on AEG Cylinder to provide the smoothest, fastest air compress action for your AEG!

5 different Specs of TLR Cylinders will be release to meet different length of inner barrel.

Feature on MANHUNT TLR Cylinders :
Teflon Coated on Aluminum
Heat Sink pattern for faster heat dissipation with wider surface

MH-CYL-A           TLR Teflon Coated AEG Cylinder (Type A)
Suitable for 500mm or above Inner Barrel


MH-CYL-B            TLR Teflon Coated AEG Cylinder (Type B)
Suitable for 401-500mm Inner Barrel


MH-CYL-C            TLR Teflon Coated AEG Cylinder (Type C)
Suitable for 301-400mm Inner Barrel


MH-CYL-D           TLR Teflon Coated AEG Cylinder (Type D)
Suitable for 251-300mm Inner Barrel


MH-CYL-E            TLR Teflon Coated AEG Cylinder (Type E)
Suitable for 201-250mm Inner Barrel



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