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Latest on the Systema Training Rifle

by Arnie

A recent press release from Systema Engineering concerning their training rifle has been forwarded over to me to have a look at, and it looks suitable for publication so I’m adding it here (you can grab the PDF if you want). The article details the improvements that have been made to their Training Weapon product and gives a bit more background into the product. If anyone is interested in the new training rifle in the UK I gather that the guys at Airsoft Armoury will be stocking them (although I don’t know if they know that yet). wink

Systema is well known manufacturer for its unique product corresponding to Electric gun, which is covered by major Japanese magazine every year they are published. What impresses us completely is their Training Weapon which has been commercialized since last year. This product is specifically developed for the military training purpose.

For this specialized purpose the product is required to meet very rigid conditions. Then it is a requisite that the product has a extremely firm structure and easy-to-maintenance performance. In addition it need to be just like real rifle both in its weight and balance. Otherwise it does not help at all for the actual training. The requirements to endure the professional use are quite tough and strict. But Systema finally has satisfied them.

We raised the Training Weapon in Feb. version of our magazine. Systema has made many improvements on the latest Training Weapon adopting the opinions from their end users. The latest version is completely different from the conventional one. Now let me introduce major improvements one by one:

1.) In the previous version certain amount of current flows during the time the board is waiting for the input from a trigger switch. However the program in the circuit board is changed so that the current flow is restricted to almost 0. As a result this mechanism controls power consumption as less as possible. Consequently the Weapon can operate for more than 4 days with battery connected.
2.) Previous CPU has been replaced with the new one with high performance in order to increase the reaction speed against the input from trigger. Consequently the mechanism enables locking time to be reduced and thus their grouping ratio is expected to be enhanced a lot.
3.) Capacity of FET (transistor) is increased to a large extent, which is used both for operation system and for electric brake system. As a result it prevents the afterheat inside the electric board, which is caused by heavy use of the machine (eg. excessive automatic fire under semi-automatic mode). Thus endurance of the machine has been enhanced as a whole.
4.) Chamber is newly manufactured. Under this design BB bullet inserting position through nozzle is fixed. Due to the stable engagement of the hop with the shooting mechanism grouping ratio in the distance has been considerably improved.
5.) Unit stiffness of motor has been improved. Its revolution speed and torque has been upgraded accordingly. Thus motors endurance has been enhanced greatly.

As I mentioned most of the improvement was made inside the body of the machine. Therefore we have to try shooting to confirm the result.
I tried shooting actually. Then I really impressed with the nice response of trigger in comparison with that of ordinary electric gun. I can easily realize its difference when I shot with semi-automatic type rifle. BB bullet is fired with comfortable shock by feel.
What has brought about this nice feel.? The reason attributes to the fact that the piston stroke shortens as the number of tooth of selector gear is one piece smaller than that of existing electric gun. In addition stopping position of selector gear is set by electric control to the adjacent position where it will contact a piston lack gear. In other words free-running distance during the time after we pull the trigger till it works shortens.

Place an order for this Weapon if you want to experience this good feel of response actually. The latest version with enduring battery will be released soon. Feel at ease to try shooting since the power is properly adjusted for the domestic survival game according to the relevant regulations as long as they are sold in Japan.

Finally as I mentioned since Systema has developed this machine for the military training purpose they exhibited their product at the Shot show held in Las Vegas from Jan.28th to 31st this month. They said that they have a great public response. Genuine-oriented tool has gradually accepted in the USA. This Training Weapon is indeed a satisfactory item for the people who are looking for a genuine gun. Kumi, (Systema Engineering)

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