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First&OnlyAirsoft site details

by Arnie

Gucci over at FirstAndOnlyAirsoft has sent over some details from their site that they have just opened up near Matlock in Derbyshire:

First & Only Airsoft is a brand new Woodland site that has just opened up near Matlock. Derbyshire. First & Only is run by two complete airsofting addicts, Gucci and Mitch. Who decided to open an airsoft site instead of getting proper jobs. Between us we have been airsofting for over12 years. We are also members of the LFO (Lenton First & Only) airsoft team LFO Website .We play airsoft all over the UK, mainly at Lightfighter and Stirling Services plus many other cool sites.

Our site is a pine wood that has been planted on old Victorian Quarry workings, which creates a unique and varied landscape. This helps gives the woodland has a bit of Vietnam feel to it, so we have built structures to compliment that theme. The varied terrain allows for close intension action and longer ranged firefights. It is definitely a sneaky beaky site. If you use the terrain wisely you can get anywhere unseen and set up for the kill. Snipers youll love it.

At the moment we are building a Vietnam style firebase with sunken bunkers and interconnecting trenches. We must have used 750+ sand bags on this bad boy so far and we aint finished yet. We have grand schemes for our site and plans to make the features on our site some of the most impressive and playable features that can be found on an airsoft site.

The scenarios we play are geared towards making the most out of the sites features and thus youll find a lot of long tense games using cool rules such as medic and capture rules. We love ambushes and using booby traps so dont take anything for granted when playing, its intense gaming out there!

As well as the site we also build custom guns and provide a repair and upgrade service for your guns, so if favourite guns gone down dont stress we can sort it for you.

We love our food at First & Only so weve got ourselves a canteen tent and we provide Food and Hot drinks continuously. Be prepared for some huge tasty burgers and man size hot brews.

We are open on Saturdays. We ask all gamers to be on site for 9am and we start the site brief at 9.30am. Games are run through until about 5pm or when it gets dark. We have a private car park on site for our gamers.

Green Fee – 20 (You require you own weapon and equipment),
Green Fee + Hire Gun + Equipment – 35. First & Only can organise gaming days for large parties or corporate events. If you wish to book an event at our site, then please contact us.
Please contact us if you are coming down for a game or want a little more information

For more information please email Gucci@FirstAndOnlyAirsoft.com or Mitch@FirstAndOnlyAirsoft.com. You can also call us on Gucci 07976 32028 or Mitch 07843 095902. Gucci, (FirstAndOnlyAirsoft)

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