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DYTAC exclusive distributor for ManHunt products

by News Fairy

DyTac are now distributing ManHunt products:

DYTAC is now the exclusive distributor for ManHunt products

29 August 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce our partnership with ManHunt, as exclusive distributor of their products


Manhunt is a new airsoft brand focusing on manufacturing niche and boutique products. DYTAC will now distribute the ManHunt Teflon coated Cylinder for AEG gearboxes, and ManHunt Gun Blue; a metal refinishing solution that can be used for touching up or completely reblue most airsoft aluminium or steel surfaces.


ManHunt will be producing more specialty products in the future; interested customers please contact DYTAC for ManHunt product updates and inquiries.

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at http://bit.ly/29fZQQO



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