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Jia Dyi: Keep your arsenal in the best condition

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Jia Dyi want to help you choose the right greases and oils to keep your guns in top condition:

Jia DyiKeep your arsenal in the best condition

Honorable clients,

Everyone knows the importance of lubrication in machinery, the question in Airsoft becomes: ”Is it necessary to apply different oil/grease to Airsoft guns?” Ask your technician, the answer will absolutely a “Yes!”

Rubber parts which needs resilient to perform air-seal effect is likely to become dried and harden under gasification process in GBB, O-ring in piston head absorb most of friction in inner wall of cylinder in AEGs, metal gear set and piston suffer most harsh friction all the time when running in high ROF status.

If you will check the motor lubricant grade before changing oil for car routine inspection, you probably will also pay attention to the maintenance lubricant of Airsoft guns.

AIMTOP SC-50 Silicon Oil Spray【GS-08】


The component is identical to the famous silicon spray produced by Tokyo Marui. It is the most convenient and basic maintenance product for GBB guns. AIMTOP provides two capacity containers, a standard 60ml,【GS-08】,and 160ml,【GS-08-160ml】. With its thin spray tube, GS-08 can soak the small part even in narrow construction.

AIMTOP High Concentration Lubricant Grease【GS-14】


It can be used for AEGs Gearbox lubricant and provides durable protection on movable parts of GBB guns because of its high concentration property. Due to the prohibition of compressed gas on aircraft, gas & silicon spray can be shipped only by surface mail.

AIM TOP Silicon Grease【GS-06】,PTFE Grease【GS-09】,and GearBox Grease Set【GS-12】


The two greases provide persistent protection on inner parts of AEG box. Resistant to high to low temperatures (+180°C to -45°C), non-corrosive on metal and plastic, wear resistance with good sound elimination, fully insoluble and water repellent. Silicon grease【GS-06】,PTFE based lubricant【GS-09】can be purchased and shipped individually, while most clients would rather to buy gearbox grease set【GS-12】,and split them to sell individually.

AIM TOP Silicon Oil Set【GS-13】


The set is aimed for all-purposes, it contains a spray silicon oil,【GS-08-160ml】,a bottle of Teflon® grease,【GS-09】,and bottle of silicon lubricant,【GS-10】. It protects the air-seal parts like O-rings and rubber parts; makes movable parts work smooth, like slide, receiver, trigger, cylinder, pistons, spring, gears, and magazine catch. 3 different densities of maintenance oil correspond to almost all needs for professional airsofters.

If you were interested in above merchandise, please contact sales@jiadyi.com, the global general agent for AIMTOP. OEM cooperation is also welcomed^^!

(Jia Dyi)

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