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PolarStar Airsoft: F2 Offset Kits for SVD and M14

by Arnie

logo.pngPolarstar Airsoft have a new offset version of their F2 (fusion engine) on it’s way and out for June:

Greetings from PolarStar Airsoft!

We are happy to announce that after a very extensive development
the much anticipated offset version of the F2 is finally in production
and should be hitting dealer’s shelves around mid June!

The offset version of the F2 is the first true closed bolt offset HPA
conversion kit on the market and, although it took a while to develop,
we are pleased to say it is worth the wait. The F2 offset has the same
performance and uses the same rear cylinder, poppet valve and other
internal components of the standard F2 but the front cylinder has been
changed significantly to accommodate the offset nozzle.

The front cylinder has been designed to work with our two piece offset
nozzle which comprises of a universal base section onto which the rifle
specific offset tip is threaded. The tip is supported by a stainless
steel pin which stabilizes the longer nozzle to prevent vertical
movement. This ensures the BB is seated consistently when chambered
which promotes higher levels of accuracy. The front cylinder is designed
with dual pin tracks allowing the F2 offset to accept nozzle tips which
are offset to either the top or bottom without requiring additional

The initial release will comprise of three kits which includes one for
the Tokyo Marui M14 which also supports the G&P and CYMA variants, one
for the G&G Armament M14 and one for the Real Sword SVD. More kits are
in the works and will be available shortly so stay tuned for updates!

Sincerely, Rodd Rambo, (Marketing Director, Polarstar Airsoft)


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