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Jia Dyi: latest entry-level releases

by Arnie

Jia Dyi have sent over text and images of the latest entry level sportline kit from ICS and some other nice bits of kit such as Guarder’s new sights:

Jia DyiCounterattack in Entry-level market

Honorable clients, Once the market being commoditized, there is no way back. While ICS, who is twenty-year-old in 2018, had witnessed the tide up and down in the industry. They insist on bringing extraordinary experience and quality standard to not just the hi-end Airsoft gunners, but also prove its capability in the red sea competition for beginners nowadays.

ICS CXP-Peleador Sportline AEGs【EG560/EG559/EG560T/EG559T】top.jpg

It was never included in the yearly Plan, but ICS suddenly announced its first CXP sportline series, named Peleador, in May. Peleador means “fighters” in Spanish. As an reduced edition, CXP-Peleador still owns the patented ICS split-gearbox, it is convenient to replace the spring to upgrade or perform basic inspection and maintenance without dismantling the gearbox. Rear-wiring through battery stock tube, an integrated MOS-FET was built inside M100 setting box, hi-cap plastic T-mag installed upon its industrial grade nylon-fiber reinforced polymer receiver and M-Lok rail, light-weight and friendly price make Peleador the first choice in entry-level.

KWC Taurus PT24/7 6mm CO2 Blow-back pistol


Finally, the blow-back version will be decedent in the rare PT24/7 series in KWC as promised, since it already has owned 6mm spring powered model, 【KA-06HN】, 6mm CO2 NBB model, 【KC-46DHN】, and 4.5 CO2 NBB model, 【KM-46DHN】. With KWC’s fine finishing and friendly MOQ, it will surely become the hot-shot in the first half year of 2018.

ICS Sportline AEGs- CXP.08 Concept Rifles/CXP.15 Pistol/CS4 M4 and M16/CES MP5/H51.H52 SIG series.


Since ICS launched it raid on low-priced market segment in May, let’s review the ancestors from ICS sportline. ICS earned it first AEGs reputation in MP5, its CES series owns SD6, fixed stock A5, and retractable stock versions. It was surprised that ICS also includes SIG in sportline series named H51.H52, in which you can find quality SIG551 and 552 equipped with one-piece No.3 gearbox inside the QD reinforced Polymer receiver. CS4 series own the largest quantity of M4/M16, most are classic models and some of them even carry with metal rail. Finally, the CXP.08 and CXP.15 can be attributed to the first free style of ICS Airsoft guns that do not have realistic models, so they were awarded with “the concept”!

Guarder M&P9 Steel Night Sight


M&P series own a large proportion of gas pistol market because of its variants in outlooking. Guarder who has been good at producing small steel parts released the night sights for Marui in May.

Please contact local distributors or sales@jiadyi.com for further information.

(Jia Dyi)

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