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Jia Dyi pitch based on product knowledge & expectation

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Jia DyiPitch based on Product Knowledge and Right Expectation

Honorable Clients,

There is more soft knowledge in Airsoftology than these cold and hard parts or guns. Customers won’t feel happy if they were not treated well, and most importantly, not received right information to set the right expectation level. For example, WE Katana series AEGs are the perfect carrier to realize the principle of economical escalation in modular cylinders and trajectory kits. Here we present different stories trying to decode the myth of power-up through internal parts.

WE KATANA series AEGs M4 RIS【EG412】and Raptor【EG413】


WE has probably been too famous in gas guns that few people remember its innovation in AEGs. Katana has debuted since 2013 with 5 models-M4A1【EG411】,M4 RIS【EG412】,Raptor【EG413】/【EG413(TAN)】, M16A3【EG418】,and SR16【EG419】.They aim for the newbie who is willing to learn the operation of gearbox but hates to dismantle the whole set. Full metal and fine surface treatment in appearance. The patented spring release device requires gunners set the lever first to safe mode before opening receiver and replacing the internal parts.

WE KATANA upgrade cylinders【WEUP-32】【WEUP-33】【WEUP-34】


For war gamers, it is never an easy job to accommodate muzzle velocity by himself to the game rules in various situations like CQB and middle range mission. Katana empowers gamers to change joule simply by drop-in cylinder sets. Blue【WEUP-32】 for M90, Red【WEUP-33】for M120, and Black【WEUP-34】for M130. Although the parts inside the CNC milled anodized aluminum cylinder is not compatible with standard specification of Marui, the others inside the lower receiver can be replaced by standard Marui specification parts in the aftermarket.

Maple Leaf MACARON series Hopup Buckings for AEGs【ML-H07M50/60/70/75/80】and 6.02mm precision inner barrels for AEGs【ML-A229/A250/A290/A310/A370/A410/A455/A470/A510/A540/A590/A640】


The basic escalation in AEGs will be replacing its stock hopup buckings with something more technological sense. Maple Leaf who has dedicated to the aerodynamics of Airsoft gun parts, using delta and diamond structures inside the hopup rubbers to improve grouping and flying distance of BB pellets, 4 ridges outside the bucking to increase air-seal effect, and a concave tensioner【ML-R02】to fit the curvature of bucking for better efficacy.

Besides, for those who have been suffered from limited battery space, weak motor and spring, but wish to match the shot range and better grouping in field gameplay and prolong the life span of internal parts, Maple Leaf provides 6.02mm precision inner barrel to increase muzzle velocity effectively. Simply gazing at these gorgeous upgrade parts will turn me on, will you?

AIMTOP Reinforced GearBox Version II【GB-01-01】and 8mm Ball Bearing Bushing【GB-04-051】


For people admire hi-joule output, this is the best spare part in arsenal. One-piece design box shell and reinforcement in front section, it carries 6pcs of 8mm ball-bearings and screws in cassette.

AIMTOP High Torque Gear Set【GB-02-01】and High RPM Gear Set【GB-02-03】


Most people tend to replace the gear set after the original fail in intense gameplay. Now it is time to bring your AEGs up to the next level. Heat-treatment enhance both its hardness and resilience, capable of handling requirement under harsh operation, Jia Dyi can ship them with various settings- without or with polycarbonate piston in hi-power setting【GB-02-02】, and hi-ROF setting【GB-02-04】.

Jia Dyi is not only good at “one-stop shopping” service, but also “turn-key solution” which provides combination among original Airsoft guns along with varieties of escalation parts and consultations. Contact us today at sales@jiadyi.com to get your gears!

(Jia Dyi)

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