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Jia Dyi: Feel the heat of FIFA through Russian classics

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Jia DyiFeel the Heat of FIFA through Russian Classics

Honorable clients,

Hmm…it is time to stick in front of TV and get an Russian weapon in hand! We have news from factories this week, most of the news were about restocking, except LCT PKP.

Jia Dyi can prove we have the ability to assemble all kinds of need in single shipment, from pistol, rifle, machine guns and consumables.

WG Makarov 6mm non blow-back CO2 pistol【CP120】


Makarov is still the beloved custom equipment of secret service agent of Russia, although it was built in 1949. This 6mm non blow-back version is restock now along with its silver CO2 blow-back version,【CP120FS】.Thanks to its full carvings of Makarov, this clone from WG will be back to the arms of hi-power lovers.

KWC Makarov 6mm/4.5mm non blow-back CO2 pistol and blow-back CO2 pistol


KWC is also well-known for producing CO2 Air-guns and Air-soft guns. KWC owns the most broadly choice of Makarov from 4.5mm to 6mm, from non blow-back to blow-back. With full series made up of full metal in Makarov, KWC owns the price advantage both in【KC-44DHN】,the cheapest 6mm Air-guns, and【KCB-44AHN】,the 6mm blow-back Airsoft gun. Note the way KWC load CO2 cartridge is different from WG. Jia Dyi also provide Makarov gas version from WE,【GP118】,【GP118S】,and【GP118BR】,which all carry a extended inner barrel with silencer solution.

WG Mosin Nagant CO2 rifle


First well-known by the public in the movie《Enemy at the Gate,2001》, WG has finally put it back to the production line after shortage for a long time. CO2 powered, Real wood and steel parts in construction of Mosin Nagant from WG has enlighten the collectors’ desire. No need to share Mosin Nagant like Russian heroes in WWII battlefield , Jia Dyi and all legit distributors of WG are waiting for your callings.

LCT PKP electric machine gun


Hmm…it is time to show your muscle, this 10.22KG beast is coming in late June. The first batch is finite, and the production lead-time is long enough to make people insane. Grab the chance to line up in front of every dealers of LCT worldwide, come directly to Jia Dyi if you wish to be part of it but can’t find local outlet.

AIMTOP 6mm precision aluminum BBs bottled with 550 pellets.


100% made in Taiwan, the quality you can trust! Fine polishing and 6mm precision aluminum BBs, each weights at 0.3gw, 500 pellets in a bottle. AIMTOP also loves to run OEM business on consumables. Please contact us at sales@jiaday.com !

(Jia Dyi)

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