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Jia Dyi: Poseidon P18 EVO debut

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Jia Dyi have shared details of the P18EVO:

Jia DyiPoseidon P18 EVO Debut-
A Flag Ship Redefining the Gas Pistol Standard

Honorable Clients

Years of waiting, after readjustment of its developing phase in P17, P51, and P18c, Poseidon finally launched the flag ship using all the patented technologies to proclaim for the throne of gas pistol, but this time, in battle field.

Packaging at first sight


When it comes to Poseidon, the white paper carton barely shelter the replica cloned from a perfect combat machine-G_lock 18C, P18EVO.

In quest for quality, you will tell from the Cerakote® sticker, the round silver Poseidon sticker to seal the box, the statement of signature to tracking technician, and standalone series number on paper box, slide, polymer frame, and dog plate. “Aim small, miss small.” It is the reflection of Poseidon’s determination-To be the King of Battlefield.

Heart of Combat


The excellent trajectory of P18EVO comes from the red Striker® hup up chamber set. The dimension of steel adjust lever pressing area is as twice as larger than the original (see the left), you can count the sound position when rotating the adjust wheel because of a small metal ball and spring inside. 100% CNC machined construction guarantee the air-seal and durability of chamber shells even after thousands of impacts. 97mm electroless nickel-plated Air-cushion® inner barrel works along with two-stage hop up bucking to deliver the astonishing trajectory.

Firing Control Center


P18EVO was developed based on the same structure of WE G18C, a mature and reliable gas system. 4 gunsmiths of Poseidon polished, greased, and tuned carefully every detail of key components to forge it as competition grade in the full-auto G18C clone.


To pursuit an excellent full-auto experience, it is a must to be installed with anti-frozen technologies, ICE-PICK® and ICE-BREAKER®. Replacing the stock gas divert valve, spring, and rubber piston lid with CNC aluminum upgrade kits, no more malfunction occurs due to gasification issue. By moderating the output gas through turbo valve shim sets on gas magazine, instead of rampage shots at the first but ends with depressing weakness, P18EVO provides the endless output to your enemies.

The Appearance


The most prominent should cast the spotlight on Cerakote® painting, which is a conjoint from “ceramics” and “coating”. Cerakote® Glock grey was applied to machined slide, magwell, and metal dog plate. For more shooting fun, Poseidon takes measures including- replacing with a powerful nozzle spring to speed up the nozzle set movement, skeletonizing the slide to enhance the blowback speed, and a magwell to facilitate the reload from rapid shooting in fierce combat.

Evolution on Cyclopes universal combat sights


“Frame your target for quick response” is crucial in tactical shooting, and Cyclopes® made it. But with accuracy, you will need a referential sight such like tombstone shape in the ghost ring. Poseidon provides an extra set of orange kits in the box for self-replacing, the tutorial video is on their official FB page.


P18EVO is a powerful, never exhausting machine you can trust. Just ask the veteran who had own P17,P51,P18c, seek their advice or contact Poseidon’s global service partners for more about P18EVO. If you are looking for a gas pistol that can redefine the standard of the custom pistol, come to Jia Dyi now at sales@jiadyil.com to hunt it down.

(Jia Dyi)

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