Jia Dyi: Infiltrating the enemy line with Dual system

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Jia DyiInfiltrating the Enemy Line with Dual system

Honorable Clients:

Technically, the same gun which can use green gas and CO2 is entitled as “dual system”. It involves whether the strength of hammer spring and internal mechanism were capable of or not, so please seek technical consultation before web shopping.

Since winter is coming, chances are the gas guns may not perform well under low temperature. WE has brought the brand new CO2 M1911,【CP140】, alone with two new CO2 magazines, to meet customers’ need in cold winter. At final, due to respect to the Air-gun hobbyists, we introduced a 4.5mm, full metal PPK replica with blow-back function powered by CO2 cartridge.

In short, WE is reentering CO2 guns market with the right models at the right time.

WE 1799 series Gas blow-back pistol【GP691-BS】and CO2 magazine【MG-P109C】


Judging from appearance, the 1799 series seem to have “Decocking” function, but actually it is dummy. What if I said the name “1799” actually comes from the combination of G17 and P99, will that surprise you? ^^


WE proliferated the series using colors of slide inspired by G17, and the colors of polymer frame imitated from P99, plus two choices in silver or golden outer barrel to make up the model which does not exist in real firearms. In 1799 series,【GP691-BS】with black plated aluminum slide, black polymer frame, and silver barrel, is for the budget buyer. A little bit luxurious model can be found in 【GP691-BG】, black finishing with golden barrel, while the most show-off model will be【GP692-SG】,I am sure you can find it very distinguished . As for total number of the said variants, yes, there are 2x2x2=8 types.

Thanks to the technicians from WE, 1799 series can all be named after“dual systems” by simply replacing the gas magazine,【MG-P109】, with the latest CO2 magazine,【MG-P109C】.

WE Walter P99 Gas blow-back pistol【GP440】plus CO2 magazine【MG-P109C】


WE launched Walther P99 in the beginning of 2017, and it was a tremendous success in the low price segment because WE did not omit the functionality of real firearms, except the markings and the 6mm BBs it fires.

WE now publishes its compatible CO2 magazine,【MG-P109C】, so owner of WE P99 can easily change to CO2 system to solve the embarrassing issue caused by low temperature.


WE replicated Walther P99 in the following characteristics:

1. Adjustable (windage & elevation) rear sight;

2. Decocking device and loading indicator;

3. Ambidextrous magazine release catch;

4. Steel slide lock;

5. Three interchangeable backstrapes.

If gunner presses the decocking button on the left slide, it will release the hammer and the loading indicator will shrink, otherwise the standing red indicator gives alert the gun is hot to fire.

Besides, WE offers【GP440S】with silver slide, and【GP440(TAN)】with polymer tan frame.

WE Springfield XDM Gas blow-back pistol【GP332】plus CO2 magazine【MG-P66C】


If you are looking for a pistol that is full of combat sense, this is it. Xtreme Duty-More(or Match) from Springfield Amory in Croatia was replicated by WE and keep as many details as possible.

For a modern pistol design, it is rare to see grip safety along with trigger safety on the same pistol. Moreover, XDM also owns a loading indicator, and three interchangeable backstraps like Walther P99. Nevertheless, WE empowers it with a new extra CO2 magazine,【MG-P66C】which lists essentially the legend from Eastern Europe as a“Dual System”.

WE Springfield XDM-IPSC Gas blow-back pistol 【GP332-IPSC】plus【MG-P66C】


WE actually have XDM 3.8,【GP332-38】,for the compact pistol, and XDM-IPSC【GP332-IPSC】for race gun grade. But the new CO2 magazine,【MG-P66C】can only fit with the standard and IPSC versions. CO2 system is especially beneficial for the players in shooting competition because of stability in output and remarkable stopping power due to higher muzzle velocity.

Hwa San Walther PPK 4.5mm CO2 Blow-back pistol【CP1103/CP1103S】


Hwa San is an old and famous Air-gun producer in Taiwan. Although lots of Air-guns would rather trade joules with movable slide, we are happy to find this full metal construction PPK with blow-back function, gives a pretty safe 80 m/s in muzzle velocity. Its single stack metal magazine carries 15 rds of 4.5mm pellets.

Built with safety lever and 755 g solid weight in palm, Haw San CO2 PPK is definitely a formidable opponent to Makarov from KWC,【KMB-44AHN】, also a 4.5mm CO2 blow-back pistol.

Jia Dyi can provide all the said Airsoft merchandise to you if you are shopkeeper or young entrepreneurs ready to get hands dirty and start ventures in the business of Airsoft.
Contact Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com to know more about out agent portfolio. Thanks for attention!

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