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Samurai Elcan review now online

by Arnie

Well after a pleasant surprise in the post this morning I’ve just completed the review and photo-shoot of the new Samurai Elcan replica from AirsoftSupplier.

When you order gear from HongKong and overseas it’s hard to guess how well built something will be simply because youcan’t see it yourself. A simple example is the Marui copy of the AimPoint, which although “looking” like an AimPoint severely disappoints in the flesh.

With the Samurai scope my honest worry was that it too might be of a lighter build than I’d expect, but these worries were quickly dispelled when I picked the box up. This is one well built scope – weighing in at a hefty 765g.

The box is foam lined in such a way that in order to test the rugged nature of this well built scope you’d most likely have to drive over the box in a truck; something I’m glad ParcelForce didn’t try out this time. I’m sure the scope would survive, it’s just that crushed cardboard isn’t that photogenic. (Samurai Elcan review)

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