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OffWorld Manufacturing Inc. M2019 – user review

by Arnie

imageDelmustator has sent in a review of the Off World Manufacturing Model 2019 Blaster replica that you can find for sale on the internet (seen back in 2006 in our news pages). Click the link through to read the full article:

OffWorld Manufacturing Inc.
MODEL 2019 B.R.U. “Hero Version”
User Review by Delmustator

Today, we are reviewing the OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc., Model 2019 Blade Runner Unit (B.R.U.) 10mm prop blaster. The pictures used in this review are from the actual OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc. eBay auction due to their high quality. However, this review is based on an actual hands-on unit purchased from OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc.

I received the M2019 from OffWorld Mfg after waiting over a month for delivery. OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc. indicated in their eBay auction that this was the last run of these prop blasters. We will see if this ends up being the case.

The prop came well packaged in a styrofoam case with the OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc logo stamped on the styrofoam. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanied the prop indicating the prop is a limited edition (1 of 130) worldwide. It does NOT indicate that this is a “Hero Version” as indicated in the eBay auction. In this case, this blaster is number 121.

M2019 “Hero Version” Blaster

Overall Observation The blaster prop in hand appears to well constructed from metal and ABS plastic. The paint finish is smooth and simulates a black gunmetal look. There are some imperfections in the finish mainly due to imperfections in the plastic or metal parts surface. Attention to detail could have received some additional effort. Some castings have obvious manufacturing marks that should have been smoothed before painting. Overall fitment between parts is somewhat loose and could have been better designed with closer tolerances. This resulted in the prop having some rattles, especially around the cylinder.


With some additional work, the prop could be reworked by it’s owner to eliminate loose fitting parts via shims and/or epoxy filler.


The LED assembly fit tightly into the prop and all LEDs appeared to function properly. In my case, I plan to add a Plecter Labs Blaster Core to this prop for fully programmable lights and sound effects. This compartment is large enough for the additional electronics. The battery pack can be hidden inside the grip area. Additional creativity is necessary for the speaker.

image image

The grip is somewhat small for my hands. I found that my fingers were squeezed together with the prop in hand. I typically prefer large grip pistols (i.e. Glock, P-89, etc). The weight of the prop is also a little lite for a blaster of this size.

Sure, it’s not a real gun but sine added metal weight here and there would give it a more realistic feel. I also found the blaster marking to be inconsistent. This may have been some paint filling in the markings. It wasn’t too much of a distraction. Note: This prop blaster did not have a red plug in the barrel and no plug was supplied.

Closing Comments The OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc., Model 2019 Blade Runner Unit (B.R.U.) 10mm prop blaster is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. While a selling price of $300 is steeper than most would like to invest, it’s far less than the typical price of a Richard Coyle or Hartford Japan versions.

Fit and finish could be better with this prop. Most owners strip the blaster down and repaint it in an attempt to better match the original “Hero” from the Blade Runner movie used by Harrison Ford.


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